Advanced tanning technology, perfect for sun lovers.

Tan Through


Embrace seamless tanning with Tanikini's innovative Tan-Through Bikini, designed for an even, flawless tan without visible lines. Utilizing micro-perforated fabric technology, it offers quick-drying comfort and UV protection, making it ideal for the stylish and health-conscious. This bikini combines cutting-edge functionality with fashion.

  • Even Tanning: Thanks to the micro-perforated fabric technology, the bikini allows UV-A rays to evenly penetrate the skin, minimizing tan lines for a seamless, natural bronze look.
  • Quick-Drying Fabric: Designed to dry up to 7 times faster than traditional swimwear materials, it ensures comfort and reduces the risk of skin irritation and other discomforts.
  • Stylish Design: Tanikini combines functionality with fashion, offering bikinis that are not only practical but also come in a variety of sexy designs and colors.
  • UV Protection: While facilitating an even tan, the fabric also filters out harmful UV-B rays, promoting a healthier sunbathing experience.
  • Perineum Tanning Perks: Unleash creativity, elevate libido, regulate circadian rhythm, sharpen focus, and stimulate mental well-being. Additionally, enjoy the benefits of Vitamin D for healthier teeth and bones.

Tanikini's Tan-Through Bikini is your key to the perfect tan, blending innovation with style and safety. Dive into a superior beach experience today.