How to choose the right swimwear?

How to choose the right swimwear?

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Summer means swimming for many people. You need sunscreen and swimwear when you go to the beach. The decision about swimwear can be easy for some people, but more difficult for others. The following three styles may be just what you're looking for.

Tan Through Bikini One-Piece - Nautical Nymph


Tankinis combine the advantages of one-pieces and bikinis. Unlike our bikinis, our tankinis have built-in bras that provide coverage down to the waist if you don't want to show too much skin.

Women who want to cover their tummies without sacrificing their sexiness can wear it with large busts.

For an awesome beach look, pair it with some bikini briefs! Click here to see for yourself.

Tan Through Bikini Set - FlirtFuchsia


Bikinis are two-piece swimsuits with a top and bottom. The popularity of bikinis is high, especially among women with smaller frames or who want to emphasize certain parts of their bodies. As you can see below, you can find strapless bikini tops as well as more traditional bikini tops. High-waisted bottoms and thongs, tie-side thongs and micro briefs are all available. Wearing what you feel most comfortable in is the most important thing.

When it comes to high-waisted bottoms, they are great for slimming down your figure, while thong bottoms are perfect for highlighting your tiny waist.

You can find a wide selection of bikinis here

Tan Through Bikini One-Piece - Pink Peek


It is perfect for women with pear-shaped figures, large busts, and small waists to wear one-piece swimsuits. It is also possible to find one-pieces that flatter women with small breasts and large bottoms and thighs.

Changing at the beach or poolside is a hassle for women who wear one-pieces. It's easy to pack a one-piece for a vacation and be ready to go right away!

No matter what shape you are, we have something for everyone with our 5 different styles of swimsuits, from the full coverage Support Top to the more daring Thong - check out our swimsuits here!


Swimsuits should be comfortable when choosing them. You shouldn't wear a suit if you aren't comfortable! Choosing something that fits snugly but does not squeeze too tightly is a good rule of thumb (think of how tight your jeans feel when you first buy them).