Tan-through fabric: how it works

Tan-through fabric: how it works

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In the textile industry, this breakthrough has helped to reduce tan lines and achieve a more even tan.

Tanikini tan-through swimwear: how does it work?

Tanikini tan-through swimwear is made of a microperforated mesh and a special polyester and lycra yarn. Combining both allows the sun's rays to pass through, tannifying the skin beneath the fabric and removing strong tan lines. Additionally, the fabric is breathable, light, and quick drying.

In accordance with AS/NZS 4399:1996 standard, our fabric was tested and certified by Hohenstein Institute, member of the "International Test Association for Applied UV Protection".

see through swimwear

Lightness and freedom of movement are added by the mesh of our tan-through fabric. Feeling comfortable all day is now possible thanks to its unique characteristics.

With our tan-through fabric, scientifically developed and certified, you'll be able to develop a healthy tan that's even and uniform. With a UPF of 7, it protects against ultraviolet rays.

Our fabric's porosity reduces water retention, allowing it to dry extremely quickly. The drying process will no longer take hours.

As well as transmitting sunlight, our tan-through fabric also increases airflow. You'll feel refreshed as your skin breathes freely.

say no to strong tan lines

Don't let strong tan lines ruin your look

Our fabric allows more sun rays to pass through, removing the usual tan lines caused by sun exposure.

Tanikini tan-through swimwear provides a 7 ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) when filtering a portion of the sun's rays. With a low sun protection factor, it functions like a suntan oil.

You will notice a slight pink tint to your skin underneath the fabric after a few uses. The tanning process begins here. In the following days, the skin darkens and becomes a golden brown tan as long as the exposure time is determined.

An effective result was achieved by minimizing seams, folds, and elastics, which hinder the transmission of sun rays.

How to achieve the best results?

How to achieve the best results?

Tanikini swimwear combines conscious sun exposure with a natural tanning concept. Following our instructions is extremely important in order to achieve the best results:

- In designing our products, we keep in mind that the skin directly exposed to the sun has more protection needs. With our tan-through fabric equal to a SPF of 10, the better you uniform the level of protection across the entire body, the better your results will be;

- The first few days of sun exposure should be short and gradual, avoiding peak hours on the first day;

- Sunscreen should be applied before exposure to the sun and should be reapplied after sunbathing and swimming;

- Sunscreen with a higher SPF should be used by blondes, redheads, and people with light skin colors;

- Protect yourself from sunburn;

- Stay hydrated and maintain organic equilibrium by drinking enough fluids;

* Tanikini swimwear's performance depends on your compliance with our instructions. You cannot predict or control the body's natural reaction to sun exposure because each skin reacts differently to sun exposure.

Perfect for traveling and excellent to wear

Have you ever had a swimsuit that hindered your movement or was extremely hot?

With Tanikini swimwear, you won't even notice it's there. With its lightweight, elasticity, and breathability, this mesh is perfect for sunbathing.

However, if you're one of those people who gives up diving just to avoid a wet trip, you won't have to worry about it anymore with your Tanikini swimwear. It takes our products 2 minutes to go from wet to wet when exposed to the sun, and 5 minutes for them to completely dry.